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Wheels For All

Published: 13/04/2011

Author: Jen Holden

Oldham Council has launched a cycling centre of excellence for all citizens to enjoy.

‘Wheels for All’ is an innovative scheme based at Alexandra Park that has been supported and developed by the Council, Oldham Community Leisure, Oldham Community Health Services, Activate, Cycle Projects and Cycle Club Oldham.

The scheme will have great health benefits and is linked to health initiatives such as self-care and support towards obesity management. Although in its infancy, it can be accessed by children and adults with disabilities, families and teenagers.

The centre, which is linked to the cycle path networks enabling access to other areas across the Borough, has more than 30 adapted cycles, plus a range of mountain bikes and trikes.

The cycles are easy to use and qualified instructors are on hand to provide full instruction in using them so cyclists have the freedom to go off and explore the delights of the park at their own pace and in their own time.

A ‘bike borrow’ scheme is also being developed.

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